Hanami with Georgia Dorey

I was invited by My Cup of Tea to design and make a collection of hand printed furoshiki inspired by the welcome return of Spring and the cherry blossom ~


The ancient Japanese ritual of hanami, whilst simply meaning ‘flower viewing’, is revered for its association to the blossoming of sakura. Once in bloom, friends and family will gather together under the cherry trees, often for a whole day, so to allow for time to fully appreciate this first sign of spring.  

As a sign of our appreciation for this time honoured celebration, we have commissioned a small collection of block printed furoshiki by artist and founder of In Praise of The Fold, Georgia Dorey. 

A perfect example of the Japanese ability to create beauty from the simplest of things, and whilst it literally translates to ‘bath spread’, furoshiki was first used in the Nara period as a way to protect valuable goods. Whilst still used as an elegant and practical way of wrapping an array of objects, the furoshiki made by Georgia are inspired by the elaborate picnics people prepare to enjoy under the cherry blossom. Designed for you to wrap a picnic hamper in or gift to a love one for them to enjoy their own hanami, the full collection is on view and available to purchase in the shop until the end of March.

Cherry blossom blooms for a fleeting moment, announcing the arrival of spring in Japan. 

It’s flowering is brief. As these weightless blooms arrive, a gust of wind can knock them from the branches, sending the petals fluttering to the ground. 

No attempt is made to save the blossom; its beauty is discovered in its fragility, both in its presence and its promise of parting.

Blossom cannot be stopped from falling; you can only be there to embrace the fleetingness of clouds of pink. Nature’s reminder to live in this moment and to be aware of the ephemeral seasons happening around you. 

In this moment, a space is held in everyone’s hearts and imaginations. It is a space that is kept to enjoy blossom-watching outings, picnics and tea under the flowering trees. 

I welcome you to notice the warm tea in your cup and the colours underfoot as the petals fall about you. Soon the pink clouds will be replaced by green.

This is the delicate beauty of Japanese cherry blossom. 

Notice and appreciate these seemingly small things, for there is much to be gained from them. 

~ Georgia Dorey

In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a stranger. 
— Kobayashi Issa