sprite melon / by Georgia Dorey

about wrapped fruits.

The skin of the melons appears waxy and dense. I have never seen such melons before, but there is something delightful about their almost unblemished, matte appearance.  
They are a faint yellow ivory in colour, and about the size of a large mango, I think they are lovely.  

They sit silent and heavy in their foam hammocks. Each one is so carefully arranged that they look like they are holding each other upright. Usually, fruit sold in supermarkets is piled up, plentiful and abundant, but the majority of fruits sold in Japan are ordered and cared for in such a way that they look less like nature's bounty and more like precious artifacts. No doubt this approach to the sale of fruit has something to do with how expensive it is to grow on an island that is almost 70% forest. 

I find out later that they are Sprite Melons, apparently similar in taste to the honeydew, and to my delight, this melon originates from Japan. A fruit that I would otherwise have never have crossed paths with had I not come to live here.