In Praise of The Fold - beginnings and ends / by Georgia Dorey

about Japan.

Japan arrival - the beginning of the completion of In Praise of The Fold.

I have been in the process of compiling works, research, and thoughts into a book that I had intended to launch before the end of May this year. However, as it always does, life had a very different plan for me. I found out that I would be moving to Japan at the end of the summer, and suddenly, rushing to complete the book made no sense. Moving to Japan has been an almost lifelong goal of mine, to be placed at the center of a country that has had such continuing hold over me and the work that I do. And so, I decided that In Praise of The Fold would be made so much more enriched if I used my direct contact and experiences to further develop my understanding and research.

After the last four months of adjusting and settling into my new and wonderful life, I am ready to commence working on the book. I have a year and a half in which to complete it,  頑張って!