there is an art in its correct application / by Georgia Dorey

about triangular bandaging.

"the triangular bandage is made of any strong material, usually cotton or unbleached calico. two fully-sized bandages can be procured by folding a square yard of material diagonally and cutting it in half along the fold. they can be made in larger sizes even up to 42" square.

the triangular bandage is used in emergencies and for war wounds because it is quickly and easily applied. nevertheless, there is an art in its correct application, which is only gained by practice.

materials for bandages

cotton is the commonest material used. it may be unbleached or bleached calico. linen is seldom used on account of its cost. silk is often used for slings. black is useful but the silk can be of any colour to suit the dress worn by a woman.

to fold

the first thing the novice must learn is how to fold a triangular bandage. if the first four pictures on page 5 are studied carefully, the method will be quickly grasped. the final stage is to bring the ends to the centre; then again bring the ends towards the centre; finally fold in half. it is thus ready for use in an emergency.

Lois Oakes, S.R.N.,D.N.. - Illustrations of Bandaging & First Aid